Ruby's Turning One...

12 Jun 2009

Ruby turns one on Saturday. All I can think is that this year has flown by so quickly. Many thoughts are swirling around my head, so best to share them...

- I am still amazed at my capacity to love a person. I thought I got that concept when Reuben and I hit it off and got married. I also thought that I for sure got it over the last few years as he and I developed our married life together. But let me... (read more)

Friday the 13th

13 Jun 2008

Talk about superstitious, Ruby is due to arrive 3 days early on the 13th. Looks like Mom is getting her wish for an early arrival, so we will call it lucky ;O)... (read more)

Ruby is #2!

12 Jun 2008

The name Ruby is #2 in the Top 100 names for baby girls in England and Wales. Not as popular here, at least yet. Looks like we're starting a trend! If you haven't heard the story, Ruby Lee is a derivative of three things: First, Reuben, Lori, Ruby. Phonetically squashed together... Second. I am Reuben Lee the 3rd. Ruby Lee will continue the tradition, kind of... (Hopefully even better ;)... (read more)

Active Little Baby!

25 Mar 2008

Ruby is kicking poor Lori today. She is such a good daughter ;O) ... (read more)