Ruby vs. Heat Miser
Daddy and Uncle Ken think Ruby's hair looks like the Heat Miser.  So Mommy fluffed Ruby's hair after bath time and well... you be the judge.

August 2008

Ruby and Sneakers
For all those who were worried, Sneakers seems to be adjusting.  She supervises here and there to make sure mommy and daddy know what they are doing.  We're having a little trouble getting her to share - she's pretty sure ...

Tummy Time
Tummy time on the Boppy.  Being a baby sure is a lot of work!  (July 2008)

July 4th
We stayed pretty low key that day after playing at Uncle Bob's, but at least dressed the part.

First Tub Bath
Well Mom, I'm not so sure about this. Hey, this isn't so bad.

My buddy Matthew
It's important that all major toys are thoroughly tested before Ruby uses them.  So Matthew graciously agreed to test her jungle jumper when he was visiting.  He says it's great and she will love it as soon as she can sit ...

Lots of new visitors!
Ruby has had a lot of friends come by to visit the last few weeks. Wanna come see Ruby too? Get in line ;O)

Family from Hotlanta
Grandma got to stay and play a few days, followed by Uncle Todd. We all had a great time and wish they could have stayed longer. Ruby says come back soon!

Mommy and Daddy with Ruby
This page is in the works. More Mommy pics coming, I promise!

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